100 Happy Days - Day 61 to Day 70

       It is a surprise that when doing this challenge, I have practiced the art of finding something good even during the worst days. Here goes the next 10 days of the #100HappyDays challenge:

Day 61: Playing a game non stop, just for the fun of it.

Day 62: Group studies with friends during internals, where we do everything except studies.

Day 63: Signing Author-Publisher event for the anthology Mighty Thoughts.

Day 64: Getting selected for one more anthology - GOOFY, an anthology about Engineering life stories.

Day 65: Got hold of one more book - Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi.

Day 66: Cover page of Mighty Thoughts was finally revealed.

Day 67: Another voucher came from BlogAdda, which means more shopping!

Day 68: Bunking the JAVA class which was eating up all my evening time and enjoying the break.

Day 69: Making it to Round 2 of #CelebrateBlogging with my team Tandem Tensome.

Day 70: Finally a much deserved Sunday. After 3 weeks of sunday classes, finally here was a sunday when I didn't have to attend any classes.

       Hope you all are having an awesome day too.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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