100 Happy Days - Day 41 to Day 60

       Here I am again with #100HappyDays post after a long time. Since I had so much pending, I am going to combine two posts and write about Day 41 to Day 60 together.

Day 41: Received a personalized letter from none other than Rani Mukherjee herself for my Mardaani!! Indeed it was an awesome moment for me.

Day 42: I don't know why, but Vodafone people felt so generous that they recharged my cell with free net pack. I wish they would do this every month :D

Day 43: Chocolates!! My friend's cousin had come from Dubai and thus we got some yummy chocolates to enjoy :)

Day 44: Received portable charger for being the runner up of the Mardaani contest. This contest brought so many surprises and happiness. Also received a track pant for being early bird.

Day 45: I was selected again for Writer's Ezine September issue :) This came as a total surprise as I had submitted the post 2 months ago and had forgot about it completely!

Day 46: It was festival time. Gauri festival is one that is celebrated with great devotion in our home. Had fun with the whole festival mood in home.

Day 47: Ganesha festival! One of the festivals that every one celebrates with zeal. Had fun in the evening as I went out to various temples to see the Ganapathi idols.

Day 48: How good it feels if college remains closed even after 2 days of holidays? It was awesome! I wish I could enjoy the holidays for a long time.

Day 49: Prepared Jamoon at home because felt like having some.


Day 50: It was friend's birthday and had awesome time as we went out for a party.

Day 51: I was ecstatic seeing my Author pic posted in FB. Yes, my story is selected for Mighty Thoughts - an anthology of 26 inspiring stories. 

Day 52: A poem I wrote was printed on the invitation for Fresher's Party. It was a proud moment.

Day 53: Going out for shopping is one of the best things. I had fun shopping for the party next day.

Day 54: Party!!!! It was time for the much awaited Fresher's Party. Finally we seniors gave a welcome to juniors and had an awesome party.

Day 55: Got free recharge as a part of Line's Free Recharge Event. This happened 4 times and I finally got 120/- in the end.

Day 56: Happiness is seeing a cute pic that makes you smile :)

Day 57: Got the books of Divergent series, thanks to the voucher I received from BlogAdda.

Day 58: The book I wanted to buy from a long time, 'The Fault in our Stars' was finally in my hands. Happiness :)

Day 59: What happens when lecturers step out of the lab letting us revise? Creativity starts flowing. This is what I did using the routers and firewalls of network lab.

Day 60: Happiness is being part of a good team. I am a part of Tandem Tensome in BlogAdda's #CelebrateBlogging contest.

      So, that was the story of Day 41 to Day 60 :) Feeling happy to have completed more than half of the challenge. Just 40 more days to go :)

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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