Dear Parents - 30 Letter Series #3

       I am participating in 'Letter a Week' challenge hosted by Nibha and this week's letter is for Parents. Here it goes.

Dear Parents,

       I know I never have written any letter to you, unless the letter written in school notes for Letter writing exercise is considered. Apart from that, I never wrote any other letter and honestly the need never arrived as you people were always there, right with me. But today, I felt like writing to you. 

      I want to tell you both how much I love you. If I tried saying it aloud, I know you people will never get to hear it because I am poor at expressing my feelings in words. I know you will not be surprised; after all I got this habit from you. So here is a letter for you, to tell you all that I never told you.

       I want you to know that for me, you are the world's best parents. I consider myself luckiest to have got such sweet and loving parents. Who else would have had the patient to handle all my mood swings and tantrums with so much patience? You people were with me during my worst times, when no one else was. You rejoiced when I won and helped me up when I fell. You filled me with confidence and taught me to never give up. If I have achieved something in life today, it is all because of you people; because of your never ending faith and encouragement.

       You never said 'No' to whatever I wanted but you also made sure that I didn't take everything for granted. You taught me to value things and hard work. You brought me up like a princess, always seeing to it that I was happy. But when time came, you even taught me to tough and fight for what is right. It is because of this very lesson, today I have the confidence to pursue my goals.

       Despite all this, smiles weren't the only thing in our lives. I have erred at times and even had made you cry. I am so sorry for that ma and pa. I promise I will never do such things again. Even if I err by mistake, I know you will be there to correct me, maybe even scold a little. But I know whatever you do, you do it for my good. If there is someone whom I can trust blindly in this whole world, its you both. No matter what happens, I know you will never leave my side.

       No, I am not going to end this letter with a 'Thank-you-for-everything' because a mere Thank you is not going to be enough for all that you have done for me. I just want you to know that I love you and will always do. No matter how successful I become in life, you will still be my top priority and I will still be your little girl. I just hope that you will read this letter someday.

With loads and loads of love,
Swathi :)

Here is a pic taken on my 1st birthday :)

I really do hope someday they will read this letter. *Fingers Crossed*

PS: Linking this post to 30 Letter Series - Week 3. Do join in and have some fun writing letters.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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