Dear Best Friend - 30 Letter Series #1

       It's been a long time since I wrote anything other than Book Reviews. Life has got too busy but today I have decided to take a day off from everything and write something. What prompted me was my friend Nibha's constant encouragement (read it as pestering and threatening too) to join in her 30 Letter series weekly prompt and after 2 weeks of constant pushing, here I am finally writing the first letter. I am a little late for this one, but who cares. 

       This is the first letter in the 30 Letter Series and this one is addressed to Best Friend. Let's get started with it.

Dear Best Friend,

       What shall I write to you? There are thousands of things I wish to share with you. And I know that by the time we finish talking about them, thousand more will pop up. It is a never ending list right?

       Our friendship is one of the best thing that has happened to me. It has stood all the tests of time. We have laughed and cried together. You have been with me when I celebrated my victory and you were with me even when I was lost. You have seen me at my worst and you were there for me whenever I needed you. Honestly I have no idea how I would have managed things without you. Lately life is getting busy and tension level has increased considerably. College, extra classes, Java classes and then preparing for campus; we are hardly finding time to breathe! But I am glad that you are with me. Because if not for your cheerful company, it would have been difficult to stay sane with so much going on.

       Things have changed. Recently we are fighting a lot over silly reasons. I wonder why this is happening! I don't even know whose fault it is. I prefer to blame it on tension. That is the evil working between our friendship, trying to split us apart. But I am glad we never gave in. Even after all those fights, we found reasons to hold on to our friendship and we will continue doing this forever right? Holding on I mean, not fighting!

       To be frank I enjoy all these things and want to cherish them while it lasts. In a year, our paths will change and we will be posted in different cities. Then I will miss all these fights (Yes! It's better than the silence), our hangouts, those birthday parties, never ending talks, gossips, tension before internals and celebrating once its over, pairing each other with random people just to irritate the other, catching up on the latest song, apps and movies, fighting over single chocolate and then ending up sharing it, canteen hungama, trying desperately to stay awake during boring lectures and smiling when the other fails to do so, our usual hangout place at bus shelter and much more!!! There are so many things that I will miss after this year and above all, I will miss you! But some things cannot be changed. It is time for us to accept the truth.

       But we can promise to be in touch right? It wont be like our regular meetings but surely we can make it up by chatting once in a while and meeting up when time permits. It's not like we will be strangers once we part ways. Because the best thing about friendship is no matter how long you don't talk to your friends, some day you can still talk like nothing ever happened. 

       Okay Okay. I know you will be frowning at me now for all this sentimental talk. But what to do? Mein hoon hi aisi ;) Who will know it better than you. I just pray to God that our friendship stays the same forever. Touch wood! Cheers to us.

With lots of Love,
Your Swatz :)

So that was the letter to Best Friend. Dedicating this to my group Minhoz. Each and every one of you are special for me, without whom my world wouldn't be complete. Love you my dear friends.

PS: Linking this post to Nibha's 30 Letter Series.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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