Thursday, 9 July 2015

Her Fairy Tale

        She stood by the door waiting for her kid to return from school. 

       The bundle of joy came right at that moment, bursting with a happy news from school that she had to share with her amma.

       It was such a contented life - sending her daughter to school which was her dream ever since she was denied that chance 16 years back.

       "Back to earth!! I haven't employed you for day dreaming. Finish the work fast" The harsh voice of her employer put an end to her fairy tale. 

       "Amma will work hard to make life better for you" she said to her unborn baby as she carried the another load of jellies to the construction site.

PS: This post is written for Blog-A-Rhythm's Wordy Wednesday prompt.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)


  1. Interesting as your story made me think of a modern mini-version (with major parts cut out) of Cinderella. ;) Enjoyed reading your take on the phrase prompt. :) <3

  2. That was a sad tale, but the ending was hopeful. Let's hope the child was able to go to school... :)

  3. in just 5 lines you have penned so much of emotions. good one swatz. :)

  4. Ouch this hurts so much! I'm so proud of her that she sends her daughter to school inspite of all the misery.

  5. Oh! I wish she lives her fairy tale soon! Hope that better days are just round the corner!

  6. What a sad little story. Your words give a good picture of the scene.

  7. That was indeed a sad tale and you described it beautifully..!!
    Glad to have you back :)


  8. I hope her fairy tale happens. And that the daughter gets the chance... Well written!

  9. A tale of promise and hope. Hope her fairy tale comes true for her child! Good one for the prompt, Swathi :)


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