Cricket Mania!

       Classes are always hard to attend for die-hard cricket fans, especially when an interesting match is going on. Especially in a country like India,where cricket is considered as a religion which everyone follows sincerely, these days can as well be announced as National Holidays! Because, no one (well at least majority of them) will be interested in whatever they do. Most of their time is spent cursing the work they are doing and the person who gave them the work. And the rest of the time is spent sneaking a look into their mobile phones, trying to find out what the current score is and groaning out loud when they miss an important six or catch or something alike!

       Students aren't different either. I still remember my PU days when boys used to squirm in their seats, unable to hold back the curiosity of what might have happened on the field. Each class was of 1 hour duration and as soon as the lecturer stepped out of the class at the end of the hour, they would run out too; to the library. Now, don't think they went there to read books or anything! These were the students who visited library only on days there was a cricket match. Reason? Well, the librarian would be watching the match on the PC and he wouldn't send them away if they went to get a glimpse and catch up with the score.

       And some of them boldly went ahead and took another step further. We had a rule in college that no student should enter the class after the lecturer. In case the lecturer has started the class, they should sit in the library for an hour instead of walking in and disturbing the class. This proved as a golden opportunity for cricket lovers. They used to wait, standing outside, behind the pillars till the lecturer was inside the class. Once they were sure that class has begun, they would come knocking, promptly to be sent to the library. No prizes for guessing the outcome. The library would turn into a mini stadium with die hard cricket fans cheering for their favorite teams! Smart, weren't they?

       Of course, they used to bring mobile phones to college. No amount of banning and seizing of phones stopped them. They just found a new, stealthy way to do it. But sadly, that never was enough to watch cricket, thanks to the slow internet and buffering problems. That is how library turned out as their favorite joint for watching cricket. Gradually, the lecturers found out the truth and the librarian was given strict orders not to let students in to watch cricket matches. But that won't be a problem for our juniors now, all thanks to UC browser. With UC Cricket, one can Surf it All and Surf it Fast! No need to wait for the buffering to complete and end up missing exciting actions. You get ball by ball updates, ensuring you stay updated. So, just install the UC browser app and forget about finding excuses to hide in the library. 

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