Quiet Angels

My theme for this year's A to Z Challenge is A Reader's Take, where everyday I will be picking out a novel title corresponding to that day's letter and write my post based on it. To make it more challenging, I have decided to write a serial story. The novel I have selected for today is 'Quiet Angels'

Leave Me Never

Chapter 17

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Kayra returned home to find Ansh already back from school. She wanted to be there for him when he came back, to ask him how his day was, to feed him while he described the day at school but being a single mom meant she was the sole bread earner and so, she had to abide by the office timings. But she was grateful for the presence of Mrs. Vimala Iyer in her life. When Kayra had first come to Bangalore, she had found this small house for rent with the help of an old school friend. Mrs. Iyer had been skeptical at first about Kayra’s character, given her condition but her friend had managed to coax her to let Kayra stay.

Mrs Iyer was a woman in her late fifties. She was all about rules and discipline. When Kayra had first arrived, she had been given a set of do's and don'ts by the elder woman. For her, Kayra looked like trouble. But as the time passed, Kayra had won over Mrs Iyer and the ladies had grown closer. Kayra, in a moment of weakness, had shared her tragic past with Mrs Iyer and from then, Mrs. Iyer had grown fiercely protective of Kayra. Staying away from her son, who was in Kolkatta, Mrs Iyer had grown fond of Ansh. She was the one who took care of him while Kayra was away. Kayra couldn't imagine how she could have managed without Mrs. Iyer’s support.

Ansh was doing his homework when Kayra arrived. Mrs. Iyer was standing at the doorstep, as if waiting for Kayra. She looked sad. “What’s the matter aunty? Aren't you feeling well?” asked Kayra, concerned. Mrs. Iyer shook her head. “It is about Ansh. He was asking today why he doesn't have a dad like everyone at his school has. I told him that his dad has gone to a far place on work and that is why he couldn't come. He is satisfied now but I don’t know how long it will be before he asks something like this again” said Mrs Iyer, her voice filled with worry and concern. Color drained out of Kayra’s face for a moment but she recovered soon. “Don’t worry aunty. We will make it through this too” she said, though she had no idea how. 

Mrs Iyer's heart swelled with pride. Life had thrown so many challenges her way but Kayra never cowered down. She faced them all head on and that is what made Mrs Iyer like Kayra. She patted the young woman’s head affectionately before she made her way downstairs, to her own home. Kayra thought of Ayaan again. She had always been the reckless one and Ayaan was the rational one, who thought and planned things out. He was the one who always made sure that her recklessness didn't end them up in trouble. Oh, how she missed his presence!

To be continued...

About today's novel: 'Quiet Angel' is a novel by Prescott Lane. Read more about the book here.

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