God is a Gamer

My theme for this year's A to Z Challenge is A Reader's Take, where everyday I will be picking out a novel title corresponding to that day's letter and write my post based on it. To make it more challenging, I have decided to write a serial story. The novel I have selected for today is 'God is a Gamer'

Leave Me Never

Chapter 7

(Read the previous chapter here)

7 years later… 

Kayra returned home from her work to find Ansh sleeping peacefully. The innocent look on his face tugged at her heart strings. She went and sat beside him, as quietly as she could manage. She didn't want to wake him up. A small smile was playing on his lips, as if he was envisioning something happy and beautiful in his dreams. Kayra sent a quick prayer to the almighty that the smile would stay intact on his face forever.

Ansh rolled over and put his arm around her. It was like he could sense Kayra's presence even in his deep slumber. A warm feeling started spreading through Kayra. She knew she wasn't able to spend as much time with him as she wished and it irritated her but Ansh never complained. He always understood her. Kayra felt lucky to have him in her life. Overcome with pride and love, Kayra couldn't stop herself from running her hand through his hair. The spell was broken and Ansh woke up from his slumber. A pair of tiny brown eyes looked at her, confused for a moment, before happiness took over. He jumped into Kayra's arms and put his arms around her neck. “Mumma! I missed you so much” he cried as he snuggled in her arms. “I missed you too baby” said Kayra, smiling despite herself.

8 years back, if anyone had told her that she would leave everything and everyone she loved behind to raise a child, she would have laughed. But God sure was a Gamer and she was doing now what she hadn't imagined even in her wildest dreams! But she had no complaints. She loved Ansh so much and her world revolved around him. She wouldn't want her life any other way than it was now. Or did she? Ayaan’s thoughts started crawling back into her memory and she chided herself for it. Hadn't she made peace with her past and accepted this new life? But try as she might, she couldn't stop herself from wondering how he was for the millionth time again!

To be continued...

About today's novel: God is a Gamer is a novel by Ravi Subramanian. Read the complete review here.

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