A Shopaholic's Shopping Saga!

Whenever my mood is down,
And the world feels less of fun
There is one thing that never fails,
Shopping can lift my spirits again.

The wide range of products
And the unlimited choices I get!
Who said shopping is waste of time,
In my view, it's nothing short of heaven.

Oh that beautiful pearl set,
It will look beautiful I bet!
May be some matching clutch,
Of course! It would be a perfect match.

Oh what a pretty dress!
Its made just for me, I guess
There goes a matching stiletto,
Maybe what I just needed to go!

Wait! I forgot the books!
One or two, maybe more books.
The offers are so good to just let them go,
Add 'em all to the cart; lets go!

Go to the cart, lets check out
Seeing the bill I get a mini heart attack!
Not now, maybe some other time
And yet again, I promptly empty the cart!

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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