An Unsaid Love Story

       Shreya looked in the mirror for the nth time to make sure she was looking perfect. After all, she didn't want to lose her chance of making an impression. She knew he would be there and she wanted to look her best. A satisfied smile broke her lips at the sight of her reflection in the mirror. She was ready to go. Saying a quick prayer and hoping her efforts do bear fruits, she left for her friend's wedding.

       Shreya wasn't her usual self when she reached the venue. Her usual confident look was replaced by nervousness. She looked around scanning the crowd until her eyes fell on him. He stood at the far end of the room, talking with the groom. If possible, he looked more dashing than ever. Probably sensing her gaze on him, he turned towards her and their eyes met for a moment before she looked away out of shyness. "Idiot! Idiot" she muttered to herself. This wasn't the time to chicken out! Gathering courage once more, she stole a glance towards him and it looked like he was smiling! Had she made a fool of herself? She didn't know. Cursing her bad luck, she walked towards the greenroom, where she knew the bride would be waiting for her.

       The function was grand. Love was in the air. Weddings are always a perfect place for the beginning of a new love story. Shreya didn't know if it was the ambience at the wedding or her own mind working, she kept stealing glances at him. She wished she could gather up courage and go talk with him but she knew herself too well. She was never good at initiating conversations and knowing her, this story would end even before it began. Wishing she was braver than this, she once again looked at the place where he was standing; only now he wasn't there anymore. Confused, she started looking for him when a voice spoke from behind her. "Looking for me?" he whispered in her ears. 

       Her heart beating wildly, she turned to look at him standing behind her. "You look beautiful" he said, making her blush. His smile told that her efforts weren't wasted. May be miracles do happen. It was a start. Someday, maybe someday, she would confess her feelings to him; how he had stole her heart at first sight. But for now, she would just revel in the happiness she was feeling at the moment. 

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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