Melbourne - The Most Livable City

       To be honest, I wasn't really in love with Melbourne. Though I always wanted to travel a lot of places, I really had no idea which these places were. All I knew was I wanted to travel far and wide. That was my dream. And still is. But now if you remind me that I wasn't really in love with Melbourne, I will look at you like you are the craziest person I have ever met. Yes! While I was searching for places to visit in Melbourne, I slowly started falling in love with the city and now, I definitely want to visit this place at least once in this lifetime! Let me tell you why.

Melbourne is one of the most livable city in the world. It is the capital of the state Victoria. The friendliness and welcoming nature of this city is evident by the number of people from other countries settled there. The beautiful landscapes, the awesome beaches and the brilliant weather; they all make me want to go to this most livable city, to feel more lively than ever. Maybe my dream will be fulfilled someday. Here are some of the places I wish to visit.

The first one that caught my interest is 'The Great Ocean Road'. It is a 243 kilometers stretch of road along South-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torguay and Allansford.

See that? Imagine driving along that road in a car with rooftop open. How awesome it must feel to watch the ocean as you drive along this 243 kilometers road. A deep longing goes through me 

even as I imagine myself driving along this path. Then there are the 12 Apostles. They say these apostles began forming from constant erosion of limestone millions of years ago and the sunrise and sunset are especially beautiful at this place when they change colors according to the sunlight. Here is a video that shows the 12 Apostles from the sky.

Next on my list is the Penguin Parade. Have you ever seen Penguin? In real? I haven't! I have always been fascinated watching them over TV but never have I seen them in real. So I want to visit 'Penguin Parade' which is one of the popular wildlife attraction in Australia. Watching several penguins emerge from the sea around sunset and watching them march towards their sand dunes must be a spectacular scene.

Then there is the 'Princess Theatre'. This is one of the most spectacular landmarks of Melbourne. But this isn't the only reason. It is said that this theatre is is haunted by a friendly ghost and since I read that, curiosity has got the better of me. I have to visit this theatre once.

Next is 'Eureka Tower'. It is 975 ft. skyscraper. Even though I am scared of heights, I am definitely going to pay for the skydeck experience. I want to go on 'The Edge' which is a glass box 3 meters out of the building, almost 300 meters above the ground. Imagine the thrill! It's pure adrenaline rush. It will be once in a lifetime experience.

Oh I forgot! 'Peninsula Hot Springs'. It is said to be the first natural spring and day care spa in Victoria, just 1.5 kms from Melbourne. Just imagine soaking in this heavenly place, letting the healing waters work the magic as you relax! Too good to let go, isn't it? 

Would you think I would return back without shopping? Of course not! I would like to visit Harbour town which offers a variety of options for the shopaholics and I would spend a whole day here, exploring different sections, buying gifts for friends and family and some souvenir for myself, like I am taking a part this place with me to my home. Of course, if offered a choice to settle down in Melbourne, I would agree without second thought.

No no, I am not even done with all the places I want to visit. The list is long. Yarra Valley Wineries, Bolte Bridge, Melbourne Cafes, Melbourne Aquariums, Healesvile Sanctury, Dandenong Ranges National Park, Shrine of Remembrance, Luna Park... The list goes on. Oh, I want to travel on the trams too and ride on a hot air balloon. There is so much I want to see and do in Melbourne. I just hope I get an opportunity to go there soon. 

Do you wish to visit Melbourne too? Here is a site that would help you know more about Melbourne. Tell me which of these places you wish to visit and why? Comment below and you might win a shopping voucher worth 500/-. So what are you waiting? Go on, voice your opinions fast.

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