Different Types of Lecturers

       I had once written a post about the Different Types of Students in a Class. While there are so many types of students, there are also different types of lecturers that you come across in your college life. Some inspire you, some motivate you while some make you want to scream at the top of your voice! Trust me, I have seen the latter too! So here is a list of different types of lecturers you are sure to find in almost every college

1. The Role Model: 

      There is at least one lecturer like this that you come across in your life time. They inspire you to achieve something great in your life. Their teaching is secondary but the motivation they give, it is something that has the potential to change your life style. 

2. The Wise One:

      This is someone who is very knowledgeable. There is at least one wise lecturer in the whole college to whom every one else looks up to. They are the ultimate problem solvers for students and teachers alike. In case of any difficulty or complication, you know whom to contact. They are like the life line of the college.

3. The Morose One:

       Or popularly called 'Khadoos' by students these days. These are the kind of lecturers whom you definitely should avoid clashing with. They possess the supreme ability of turning your happiest day into a gloomy one. Just few minutes of talking with them can leave your spirits deflated for the rest of the day. They will leave you wanting to scream at everyone who talk to you that day. Compassion is something that is missing in their dictionary!

4. The Crush Worthy One:

      There are few lecturers whom students just love. No matter how they teach, students are always present in their classes. Students attend their class just to look at them for an hour without any disturbance. Such is their charm. Yes, there are some crush worthy lecturers like this.

5. Uneasy Person:

       They are the lecturers who know a lot but fail to express. They get tensed when they have to face a class room full of students and end up stammering and giving the impression that they know nothing. But if you ever contact them personally to get doubts solved, you will find that they know a lot.

6. Cocksure Person:

       They are the exact opposite of uneasy persons. They know little but they act like they know everything. Whatever they say becomes final; no doubts or questions what-so-ever are entertained. Asking a doubt to them in front of whole class is assured to get you a very lengthy assignment.

7. Cordial Person:

       There is always that lecturer who is very sweet towards students. Speaking to them will make you happy. They are like friends to students and they understand students' problems well. They are usually the junior lecturers who have just finished their degree and have entered the teaching profession.

8. Nosy Person

       Any gossip in the campus, these lecturers will be the first to know. Not only do they keep close eye on every details of students, but they find great pleasure in spreading this knowledge with other lecturers.

9. The Drilling Machine:

        There is always a lecturer whose class every student despise. Even the clock seems to be on hibernation during their class! Sleep is inevitable but you have no other option than to sit there and fight sleep because these are most commonly the Morose Ones! You just can't afford to be noted by them!

10. Irregular One:

       These are students' favorite lecturers. Students don't have to bunk their classes because they themselves are irregular and rarely engage classes. 

       These are some kind of lecturers that we commonly find. But in the end, no matter which category they belong to, they are our lecturers and we get to learn something from them. Maybe curricular or maybe some important lesson for life, they all teach us something. It is just our choice whether we will learn it or ignore it.

       Do you have any more types to add to this list? Let me know ;)

PS: To my lecturers who read this (in case!), this is purely a fictional post and any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental!! :D I am not to blame for the coincidence.

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